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Riebe's is a fully equipped machine job shop specializing in a wide range of services from custom machining, hydraulic cylinder repair, driveline repair and balancing, certified welding,  portable line boring, lathe and milling work, to all kinds of metal fabrication and any of your drill press needs.   Known for our quality service at a fair price.

Kalispell machining fabrication, welding, driveshafts, and more - Riebe's Machine Works



We can create and machine raw parts and structures from various raw materials and metals. We can machine and mill parts from a print or duplicate a broken part.  Our wide range of metals in stock consists of various grades of round shafting and mechanical tubing.



Driveline Repair and Balance

We can repair or sometimes exchange your driveline and provide precision balancing for all makes and models, from light to heavy duty trucks, to farm and industrial equipment.  As an authorized dealer of high quality "Made in the USA" driveline parts from Neapco and Spicer, we stock parts for all your repairs including ujoints, yokes, splines and more.

If you have a vehicle or truck with worn parts that are hard to find or extremely expensive,  we have become a go-to resource for mechanics for all parts in the driveline assemblies. 



Hydraulic Cylinder Repair and Hoses

We can replace chrome rods, honed tubing, and seals as well as repairing the ends of cylinders for bushings and bearings anywhere from small tractors to large excavators. We can also make complete new cylinders and hydraulic hoses.  We have in stock hydraulic pumps, accessories for mobile applications, and chrome and alloy shafting.



Portable Line Boring

We come to you with our bore welder and line boring equipment to repair things such as pin bosses, excavator booms, loader arms,  just to name a few. Saves you time and it's affordable.




We offer a wide variety of welding services to include stick, MIG, TIG, welding for steel and stainless steel, aluminum, and brazing cast iron, by an experienced welder and machinist.  




We have a wide range of sizes and lengths to custom make ubolts to your specifications quickly and affordably.   

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